Common Sage for Hormone Balance

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an article about essential oils, Balance Your Hormones with Essential Oils, and how they can help to balance your hormones. One of those essential oils was called Clary Sage. Well, I was having tea last week with my friend, Sylvie, and low and behold, she had put a handful of sage leaves from her garden into our green tea.


As it turns out, the common sage many people grow in their herb gardens has similar medicinal properties to the Clary Sage from which the essential oil is derived. Both have a long history of use for “women’s issues”. Even the ancient Egyptians gave it to women who could not bear children.

So if you are struggling with hot flashes or other peri-menopause symptoms, PMS, or infertility, try dropping a few sage leaves into your green tea or boil a few leaves with some honey or orange peel to make a lovely brew.


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