My Best Tip for Changing Your Food Mindset

If you have been following my last few posts and putting some of my recommendations into action, you have already started changing your mindset around food. But there is something more that you need to do to make it stick.  You need to decide.  Decide to ditch all your old negative thought patterns.  Decide that you are done with your negative body image.  Decide that you are going to make a change. Decide.

Everyone has a different moment that creates a paradigm shift in the way they think about food (or whatever negative thought pattern they are trying to break).  For some of you, it may be the decideparagraph above.  For others, it may have come while reading one of my previous posts.  For still others, the shift may have been triggered from somewhere else, or someone else, or maybe it has yet to come.  For me, I had a moment while listening to Gabby Bernstein.  I don’t even remember exactly what she was talking about, but she said something about being “fed up with this thought pattern”.  And a lightbulb went off for me.  I was sick and tired of scrutinizing my body.  Of telling myself that my body wasn’t good enough.  The thought of dieting or telling myself I needed to cut down on something was exhausting.  I was done.  And that was that.  I had decided to change my mindset.

Don’t get me wrong, I still fall into old patterns from time to time.  Sometimes it happens a lot.  But when I feel those old habits, that old thinking pattern creeping back in, I go back to my decision and choose to look at it differently once again.  It’s up to you to determine what the decision is that you need to make.  And once you make it, write it down.  Put it on your fridge, or a sticky note on your mirror, a whiteboard, whatever or wherever you will see it.  And then keep on choosing to live that decision.

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