4 Steps to Feeling Liberated from Pressure

The word “striving” has come up for me so many times in the past two weeks that I can’t stop myself from writing about it.  It peaked the other day when I pulled a meditation card from my “May You Know Joy” deck and the card said, “may you know liberation”.  Liberation.  Liberate myself.  Be free.  How free would it feel if I wasn’t striving for something?


liberationLet me tell you how this started.  There are two things that I have desired for the past number of years.  Two goals, or accomplishments shall we say, things that I have wanted in my life.  But both continue to evade me, it seems, no matter how hard I try.  I’m not even sure I can share with you, at least not yet, what those two things are.  It feels too vulnerable for me.

I invite you to think about that feeling for a moment.  About how it feels when you are trying to get something, trying to achieve something, trying.  It feels like reaching, like pushing, if feels like a struggle.  Like you are never going to get there.  And it’s disappointing, again and again, when you don’t.  It might be a bit embarrassing that you keep trying and failing. It seems negative.  It doesn’t feel joyful or free.  I’ve decided that I want joy in my life, and I want it every day.  I want to be free and liberated.

Here’s how I’m doing it.  4 Steps to Feeling Liberated:

  1. Meditate: I followed a guided meditation this morning and I know I chose the right one somehow. The speaker gently asked me to breathe in deeply, and then sigh out all the pressure I was feeling.  All the social pressure, the expectations I was putting on myself to achieve, the striving.  Just breathe it out.  It seems so simple, but it helped.
  1. Journal: after finishing my 15 minute meditation, I took 5 minutes to journal the feelings that came up and my intentions for the day. Pick up a notebook, something pretty that you’ll enjoy writing in, and keep it on your desk or by your bedside.  Find 5 minutes to simply write down a few feelings that have come up through the day or during your quiet time.  Write down the pressures you are feeling and your intentions on liberating yourself from them.
  1. Affirm: next I created a positive affirmation and wrote it down so I could keep reading it and saying it to myself all day long. Here’s my affirmation, “I am liberated and free from the pressures I have been feeling.  I am taking a step back and trust that I am exactly where I need to be at the right time”.
  1. Apply essential oils: essential oils have a profound effect on my emotions and I use them daily. To go from feeling hampered to liberated, Jasmine is my choice and the scent is almost intoxicating, it’s so sweet and rich.  Marjoram has a floral, herbal scent and promotes trust instead of doubt.  I applied each of these topically to my pulse points to promote feelings of liberation and trust that everything will happen at the right time.

This whole process took me just over 20 minutes and I felt instantly better.  If you don’t have that much time, shorten the meditation.  Even 5 minutes makes a huge impact.  This is a wonderful, liberating routine to practice whenever you realize you are pushing too hard for something and need to take a step back.  Contact me for a free initial consultation if you’d like to explore how you can begin making changes in your life that will help you to feel more joy and liberation.

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