3 Steps to Truly Asserting Your Womanhood

It’s International Women’s Day today.  I happen to have a passion for helping women, particularly professional, driven women who are successful, but maybe don’t feel their best.   Do you know what pops up when I search for articles on women in the working world? Equality. Pay equity. Women in leadership roles.  COMPARISON.  Comparison with men.

Theodore Roosevelt said, “comparison is the thief of joy”.  And I believe he’s right. What if we dropped that temptation to compare ourselves to men?  What if we stopped struggling to get what they have?  What if we decided not to even look at how much men are paid, or how many more men are in leadership roles than women and instead focused on what WE truly need at our core?  Wouldn’t that feel amazing?


I want to share with you my 3 Step Strategy For Truly Asserting Your Womanhood in the workplace or wherever you spend your time.

  1. Think about how you want to FEEL. What we desire stems back to a feeling.  So you say you want that next step up – the next manager role or director or VP.  Or maybe you’re a teacher and you’d like to be a VP or Principal. Whatever the next rung on the ladder, or maybe it’s not even a ladder – it’s just the next thing.  Think about why you want it.  Do you think it’s going to make you happier?  ‘Cause I’ve been there.  I’ll be happy when I’m x.  And then I get there and I’m happy for two seconds and then I’m on to the next rung on the ladder.  Instead, focus on the feeling that you want.  How do you want to feel and why do you want to feel that way?

For me, one of the things I want to feel is inspiration.  I want to feel the reward when others are inspired by me.  I want to feel inspired by others.  I assumed that I would capture that feeling by moving up the corporate ladder.  And then I got severed from my company and realized it was the corporate journey itself that was uninspiring for me.  And no level of promotion was going to overcome that.  And now, 3 years later, I find inspiration all around me. In the women that I now work with, in my customers, in my mentors, on the internet, in books.  It’s everywhere, because I’m focusing on how to get that feeling.  So what is it that YOU want to feel?

  1. Next, ask yourself how you can FEEL more of that. Let’s say you want to feel a sense of purpose.  The old me would have thought that my role would have purpose when it’s a bigger role.  When I’m in a higher leadership role, I will have a purpose.  I assumed the role would have a purpose if it was a bigger role.  But what if you could feel that sense of purpose every day?  Not if and when.

I love the way the TD CanadaTrust customer service reps answer the phone: “how can I make your day better?”  What a great purpose – just to make someone else’s day better!  Think about how you might find purpose (or inspiration or joy or whatever feeling it is that you want) in your everyday life.

  1. Then, DO more of what is going to make you FEEL the way you want. Make decisions that will allow you to FEEL the way you want to feel MORE OFTEN.  Like all day long.  For example, if one of the feelings you want to experience is calm, plan to have your lunch outside in the park, not in a crowded restaurant.  Choose the quiet car on the go-train.  Go to yoga instead of boot camp.  Take a minute to turn on your essential oil diffuser when you walk in the door. Decide not to accept a job where the work environment is set in a noisy sea of cubicles. Decide how you want to feel.  Do what will make you feel that way.

Need help digging deeper into how you truly want to feel?  Or maybe you know how you want to feel but not sure how to make the decisions that will get you there. Contact me for your complimentary life strategy session and we’ll design a plan together to help you create the feelings you desire.

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